Public Service Announcement: If you don’t go as hard for Black women (including and especially Black Trans Women) who are murdered by police as you do for Black men. I ain’t here for you. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. We are all targets and we all need justice. 

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i honestly feel like affirming your heterosexuality in a queer space is an act of aggression, if you have to maintain that youre straight at a gay event in order to feel alright with yourselfs then you should probably just not be there 

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Praises To The Most High!!


The Illuminator projected this near the Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

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a quick guide to tipping your servers (in america)

- please tip 15% minimum unless your server is really really terrible. servers get tipped minimum wage which is currently federally at $2.13 an hour if i’m not mistaken. it varies from state to state but the highest i know of right now is $3.10/hr. we don’t earn a lot in hourly wages. it’s not like we’re swimming in money after a 50-hour work week. our income is literally based on our tips. we try our best to be nice and talkative, but if we’re very very busy and can’t pay extra attention to you, don’t think we’re being rude or lazy.

- if your food is incorrectly cooked or your alcoholic drink is too weak/mixed incorrectly, please don’t tip your server less for this! it’s one thing if they put in the order wrong, but it’s another if the cooks aren’t doing their job. at most places, cooks do NOT get a cut of the tips. so don’t give your server a bad tip for bad food. likewise, bartenders sometimes will get a tip-out from servers, but it’s not usually more than 3% of all of the alcohol the server sold the entire night, so if your beer is warm, it’s probably not your server’s fault and you shouldn’t tip them bad for a warm beer.

- if you have a party and you’re splitting up the checks, check how much everyone’s tips are altogether! a lot of the time parties who split the checks assume other people are tipping well and don’t tip servers even a full 15%. if you’re a big party you’re likely one of the only tables a server has for the night. you know how gratuities are 18%? tip a party like a gratuity - 18% standard since you’re taking up a lot of room, more if the service was good.

- if you have a small bill, please don’t do 15% on like, a 5 dollar tab. leave a couple bucks. a server doesn’t want small change. it doesn’t make up for the loss in hourly wages like its supposed to.

- if you’re only drinking/have a small bill and you’re sitting at a table for a long time, realize that you should tip extra for taking up that table. by not ordering food or drink, you’re preventing table turnover for that server and keeping them from earning the money they need. that’s not to say you can’t sit down and socialize, just that you need to be considerate when tipping for taking up the table.

- this is a big one!! if you have a coupon or a discount card, do NOT tip for the bill after the discount! ALWAYS tip your server based on the bill before the discount. this is so important especially at places that have a buy one get one free meal coupons. those are awful for servers because people only tip them for half of the service the server provided usually. please tip based on the pre-discount bill!

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You know what’s crazy? How y’all can shun ‘colorless’ black celebrities within minutes and never speak of them again unless it’s to drag them but when a celebrity says something blatantly transmisogynistic y’all not only go on as if nothing ever happened but continue to support them through thick and thin?? Where are their call-outs? When do they get dragged on twitter for days? Or does it not matter when the black person getting shitted on is trans? 

Ummmmm are you serious? 

I’ve seen numerous tweets and posts addressing transmisogyny. 

Amiyah King, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox have all been attacked and I see a plethora of people drag those who talk shit about them.

ESPECIALLY on Twitter. And what’s even more interesting is that a lot of the people who are calling people out are cisgendered women like myself.

I am fully aware of trans women being brushed aside, abused, murdered, sexually assaulted, etc. And I don’t expect anyone to congratulate me on shit I’m expected to do. I’m not saying that trans women don’t get treated like shit or are often not cared for. I’m saying that this is a very real and shitty reality that we have to deal with.

 Black women, whether cis or trans, have always been expandable in our community. Let’s not act brand new here. Black twitter and tumblr have shit on all of us. 

I know that my voice most likely doesn’t matter to you. I’m just tired of seeing posts like this. It dismisses those of us who are actually active and inclusive. 


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everyone unfollow me right now if you think woodpeckers aren’t capable of causing damage to homes
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more like wikiwhy

everyone unfollow me right now if you think woodpeckers aren’t capable of causing damage to homes

  • they have powerful beaks and may use them to drill into the wood of your home’s exterior in search of insects
  • they have powerful beaks and may use them to drill into the wood of your home’s exterior in search of insects
  • they have powerful beaks and may use them to drill into the wood of your home’s exterior in search of insects

it’s literally that simple, and yet people don’t understand it because they can’t deal with things not being about them

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Goodnight, White Pride.


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  • American Slavery.
  • American Capitalism.
  • American Domination, Raiding, and Occupation of Iraq. 
  • American Domination, Raiding, and Occupation of Afghanistan.
  • American Drone Programs that murders thousands of innocent Arabic citizens.
  • American Drone Programs that murders thousands of innocent African citizens.
  • American funding of Zionist Terrorist, Occupations, and Dictatorship. 
  • America dropping a atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
  • America dropping a atomic bomb on Nagasaki.
  • American Rendition. 
  • American processed food that erodes human health through obesity. 
  • The American process of assassinating any leaders who are averse to the corrupt American system, think Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Abraham Lincoln, Huey Newton, and Bobby Kennedy. 
  • Timothy McVeigh.
  • The Ku Klux Klan.
  • Adam Lanza murdering 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary.  
  • Guantanamo Bay.
  • The George Bush Administration.
  • The Barack Obama Administration.
  • Abu Ghraib.


Keep this in mind when white people talk about terrorism, because they never impart that terrorism is the white American way of life that white America has promoted throughout the world.

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